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How Do I determine if My Girlfriend simply Flirting enjoyment?

Reader Question:

How would i understand if my personal gf merely “fun flirting” or if perhaps she does not love myself any longer?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Expert’s Solution:

Hi Colin,

Exactly what an interesting question. If we had been having a two-way talk, i might ask you for much more details. But because this is actually myself practically writing you a letter, i shall have to use my personal creativity and cognoscente creativeness. I’m presuming you and this lady tend to be special. (If you find yourselfn’t exclusive, you then don’t reach worry about the degree of flirting the woman is carrying out.) OK, so if we’ve established that the couple are exclusive as well as your sweetheart is actually hugging, keeping fingers with, whispering to and giggling at every little thing the 10 most useful man friends state, after that “Houston, we’ve problems.”

This is of flirting is “behave like interested in or wanting to bring in some one, but for amusement instead of with major motives.” In the event the girl does not intend on in fact producing away with or sleeping with among guys she flirts with, it’s still upsetting for you – long lasting level of flirting its. Chances are, she does not even recognize she actually is doing it. Very remain the girl all the way down and inform this lady about precisely how it does make you feel. If she listens and puts a stop to flirting along with other men, after that she cares for you. If she goes on her enjoyable flirty steps, this may be’s possible she is not prepared to settle-down.

Thanks for speaking out,


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